Why Use Polish Point Editing?


Elizabeth Maynard Garrett works hard for her clients. She gets very involved with the entire process, and delivers on her promises. She is conscientious to follow-up, and you can trust she will get the job done. Her editing services are precise, and she offers quick turn-around time.
– Londa Hayden, author of “Where Two Rivers Meet”

Elizabeth Maynard Garrett was a primary editor for my second book, Heart of Courage: The Red Ruby Story, and I was pleased that an Amazon reviewer complimented the “excellent editing.” This reviewer explained that when she reads a sample, editing issues can kill her purchase. It is rare to get praise for editing in a review. Elizabeth’s professionalism, enthusiasm, and pleasant demeanour also provided a comfortable working relationship.
– Author Allie Marie

I highly recommend Elizabeth Maynard Garrett for line editing, and copy editing fiction, and non-fiction of any length. She is detailed, and accurate in every respect, always respecting the writer’s voice. Elizabeth is, without doubt, the best contractor I’ve worked with. She meets every deadline, and follows up to ensure the project is completed to the client’s satisfaction. 
– Helen B. Nazzaro, Owner and CEO, One More Time Editing, LLC

Elizabeth Maynard Garrett works closely with the author as though each book were her own, celebrating the joint effort toward excellence – all in a pleasant, timely, and efficient manner. Writing devotionals presents challenges all its own. Elizabeth respected my unique approach in “The Essence of Courage,” asked the right questions to bring clarity to every page, and offered creative, and helpful suggestions to enhance the work further. My “right-hand advisor” throughout the project believed it couldn’t get any better. All she could say after reading the final edited version was, “WOW!”
– Author Lynn Watson

I have worked with some really good editors over the years, but Elizabeth goes way beyond excellent. She doesn’t just look for grammar and punctuation errors. She challenges me, asks the right questions, and makes suggestions. We may not agree on everything, but the things we do not see eye to eye on, we work out. It’s important for a writer not to lose his voice in making changes or compromising. I write in my own style, which Elizabeth recognizes and appreciates. She helped improve my latest novel, and she has also helped me become a better writer.
– Nick Nixon, author of The Frame, Murder on the 13th Green, and The Main Street Murders.