The Media Arts Training Center contracted Elizabeth as a manuscript editor. In this capacity she provided basic proofreading for two published books. Her work included correcting typos, punctuations, and grammatical errors. She also served in the capacity of heavy editing, critical analysis and consultation as well as line editing.
As a result of my relationship with Elizabeth, whatever publications I produce in the future I will seek the professional services of Elizabeth Garrett.

– Roger Bethel, radio show host and author of “Homecoming: Sins of Our Fathers” and “Winning by Default”

All services excluding scholastic publications use “The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition,” the preferred style guide in the book publishing industry, and the “Merriam-Webster” dictionary. Manuscripts are reviewed using the Microsoft Word Track Changes feature.

Scholastic edits use APA style and the “Merriam-Webster” dictionary. Manuscripts are reviewed using the Microsoft Word Track Changes feature.

Basic Copy Editing

(two passes + proofread, expected turnaround time – up to two weeks.) The copy editor reviews for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes, minor rewriting for the sake of clarity, and continuity errors.

Pricing: $0.021/word or $30/hour

Content/Line Editing

(two passes + proofread, expected turnaround time – two to four weeks.)

Line-by-line editing focuses on paragraph structure, sentence flow, and word choice. Specifically, the line editor points out passive voice, wordiness, weak words, overused words, redundancies, inconsistencies, and repetitive sentence or paragraph structures. Also addresses plot structure, characterization, and pace. Includes review for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. We request a brief synopsis or outline when the manuscript is submitted.

Pricing: $0.028/word or $45/hour


(two passes, expected turnaround time – up to a week)
Usually done for a proof copy and reviews formatting issues introduced during the publishing process. These include end-of-line breaks, and spacing issues with paragraphs and sentences. Also checks for errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Pricing: $0.015/word or $18/hour

Developmental Edit

(two passes, expected turnaround time depends on manuscript length and author’s ability to respond to first-round suggestions)

Designed to clean up an early draft, the content editor looks at the story’s structure, not the words. Deals with substantive revisions of the manuscript’s content, and points out things such as unrealistic dialogue, point of view errors, too much “telling,” flat characters, inconsistent character behavior, sagging middles, information dumps, plot holes or lack of conflict. The content editor reads the entire manuscript, and writes an in-depth analysis of strengths, and weaknesses for plots, and characters. Normally, the content editor does not correct spelling, and grammar mistakes.

Pricing: $0.032/word or $60/hour

Coaching Services – $95/hour; $50/half hour
Sometimes authors need someone to provide clarity and direction, especially when it comes to writing techniques. As your personal coach, Polish Point Editing can help focus your writing for optimum benefit. Coaching for public relations planning and platform building is also available.
*First 10 minutes are free as an introductory session and to determine next steps.

Manuscript Formatting  – $20/hour

Five-Star Public Relations and Marketing Webinar – $99 or free to clients submitting more than 60,000 word documents

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Satisfaction guaranteed.

If you are unhappy with our work, we will do a free pass with another one of our editors. If you are still unsatisfied, we will refund 50% of the total cost plus PayPal transaction costs.

50% of costs must be paid up-front.

Balance must be paid upon job completion.

No-interest payment plans, not to exceed six months, are accepted for contracts over $1,000.

Editor available for telephone, email, and text message communications.

Here’s what folks are saying about P.R. for Authors:

Stupendous: This course teaches the author to have pride in one’s self and work, which verifies the productivity and perfection that is needed for success.

Excellent information! As a new writer, this is information I wish I had researched and known about sooner.

I had no idea what could be done to get your name out there to sell books. I have a lot of work ahead of me, but it is better than sitting on my hands wondering how I can sell more books. Thank you. Sincerely.